Welcome to What’s Cooking with KB!

Steven, Lucy, and myself

My name is Katie Becker, and I live in Austin, Texas. I grew up in Jackson, Tennessee where I found my love for cooking by watching my mom cook for our family of 6 every night. I mean we never went out to eat. I don’t know how she did it! She also taught me to bake and likely gave me my sweet tooth. I’m a physical therapist by trade but spend most of my evenings in the kitchen trying to create delicious meals for myself and my husband, Steven. We love quality time, hiking, eating, and snuggling with our golden retriever, Lucy. She will likely be featured in a lot of my posts because she is the queen beggar in the kitchen with me – never leaves my side!

the lady who taught me all things cooking/baking

While I love nothing more than trying out recipes from Half Baked Harvest and Defined Dish, I am going to use this space to share some recipes I have come up with over the years or have been handed down through my family. I try to keep things simple with minimal ingredients and cheap grocery bills. I’m unfortunately not someone who can eat the same meal on repeat, so I have come up with a variety of recipes that we love but that I can also manage to throw together after a long day at the hospital. I hope you find something here that makes cooking at home a little less scary or makes your weekly meal planning even a little bit easier!


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