My Kitchen Favorites

I’m switching it up a little today and instead of a recipe, I’m talking about some of my favorite kitchen gadgets. You honestly do not need fancy things to be successful in the kitchen. When I first started cooking, I was making meals for Steven in his 700 sqft apartment, and the man did not own measuring cups. I can remember making him cookies one weekend when I was visiting, and I had to measure out 2 cups with his single teaspoon measuring spoon. To say you can really make it work with nothing would be an understatement; however, I do have some favorite gadgets that might make things easier. The beauty of these items is not only that I use most of them daily, but they are also on great sales for July 4th. You can shop any of these sales today (July 4, 2022) here.

First up is my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. I would like to preface this by saying, it really doesn’t need to be a $300-500 mixer to work. I use mine to make desserts, mashed potatoes, and most functionally, to shred chicken. This was the Christmas present that made me really realize I was getting old because I was pumped for a kitchen appliance!

Second, and most useful, is my instant pot/air fryer duo. I have the Ninja Foodi 12-in-1. I really love that this one appliance has 12 different features because my kitchen really doesn’t have the storage for a bunch of appliances. I use the air fryer feature weekly for salmon, the pressure cook for chicken, and we have even used the sous vide feature a few times for steaks. The options are endless with this one.

I don’t know a lot about knives, but our kitchen knives are used daily. This brand is by Henckels, and we have loved them. The knife block we have comes with 12 pieces, including scissors and a knife sharpener, but I noticed the 15 piece set is on sale today and is cheaper than the 12-piece!

My absolute favorite pots and pans! This cookware is by Cuisinart and is stainless, meaning no harmful chemicals that you’d find in nonstick options. Plus they’re easy to clean and have a lifetime warranty, which you really cannot beat.

Our electric corkscrew is also great. Ours is Oster and gets plenty of use! We got this as a wedding gift in spring of 2021 and have yet to have to charge it which is a win because you don’t have to leave it sitting plugged in, taking up much needed counter space. It also includes a foil cutter to remove the seal on wine bottles.

Again, these are not needs by any means, but if you’ve been eyeing any of these gadgets, they’re on sale today and make cooking even more fun! Let me know if you try any of them out or if you have other favorites that I should try! Happy fourth of July!


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